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Chapter.2 ルパン三世TVSP #08 トワイライト☆ジェミニの秘密


I thought about the charm of Lupine the 3rd

Do not say like childishness! Anime, Lupine the 3rd second series attraction Speaking of Lupine the 3rd, it is an animation that fascinates people more than half a century.


Although the original is a cartoon by Mr. Monkey · Punch, I also think that the charm of as a comic is complemented by the story, and the comic strip with a dynamic character and rhythm also improves here.


The first series is Heart Boiled Lupine


Lupine The Third Theme Theme Song 1

Actually, among the fans, the cool and hard boiled first series that is said to be close to original cartoon is popular, rather the second series is far away from the original cartoon, it is said to have been bad, it is being driven away.


However, the second series is a popular series that settled Lupine of the red jacket, and the final round also became famous by that Miyazaki Hayao's work, and there is no doubt that it is popular. But, what I want to say here is that the charm is not only there.


Of course Miyazaki Hayao Lupine is also wonderful, but since there are many masterpieces in the series, I will introduce.


This is masterpiece of Lupine the 3rd

1 "I saw the tenderness of a man's heart to the dimension"

Speaking of the popular actor of Lupine the 3rd, it is Daimei of a buddies, but this is the story that he plays an active part. In the country where the civil war is living, I help the slave woman, but there are many serifs that seems to be astringent and it seems to be anime and it is packed with famous words. "Will you divide courage from doing chips?", It is nice to come and go.


2 "Kamenemon Crisis Hair"

That story is a story that Goryuken gets caught by bad guys and is subjected to terrible torture. Torture is tremendous, beyond children's animation. Is there a bloody scene so far in cartoons?

This is a wonderful animation that fuses unexpected and nonsense, such as you can see Yokonemon who sits in a bathtub with a Young Man of Hideki Saijo from the beginning.

Besides, while Gokuemon is caught, Lupine is also playing with Fujiko 's doll in the bathroom, a little R - designated scene. Such poisonous humor is a prominent piece.


And, although there are still many masterpieces, it was the attraction of the second series of Lupine the 3rd. Kanako Hiroshi's scenario is for adults and it is recommended because there are many dark story.




子供っぽいなんて言わないで!アニメ、ルパン三世セカンドシリーズの魅力 ルパン三世といえば、半世紀以上も人々を魅了するアニメです。









しかし、セカンドシリーズといえば赤ジャケットのルパンを定着させた人気シリーズで、しかも最終回はあの宮崎駿が手掛けたことでも有名になり、人気があることはまちがいありません。 でも、ここで言いたいのは、魅力はそこだけではないということです。





1「次元に男心の優しさをみた」 ルパン三世の人気わき役といえば相棒の次元大介ですが、彼が活躍するのがこの物語です。 内戦のおきている国で行きずりの女を助けるのですが、渋くてアニメらしいセリフが多く、名言が満載です。 「チップをやるから勇気を分けてくれないか」など、さらっと登場するのが素敵です。


2「五右ヱ門危機一髪」 あの、五右ヱ門が悪い奴らにつかまり恐ろしい拷問にかけられるストーリーです。 拷問がすさまじく、子供むけアニメを超えています。 漫画でもここまでの血みどろなシーンはあったのでしょうか。


しかも、五右ヱ門が捕まっている間は、ルパンがお風呂場で不二子ちゃんのお人形と遊んでいるという、ちょっとR指定な場面も。 そんな毒のあるユーモアが際立つ一作です。


と、まだまだ名作が多いのですが、以上、ルパン三世セカンドシリーズの魅力でした。 脚本が金子裕さんの回は、大人向けでちょっとダークなストーリーが多いのでおすすめです。