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第1話 ミニ悟空はおぼっちゃま! ボク悟飯です


About Dragon Ball Character collapse

Dragon ball is popular enough to fight TOP even in animation and manga. Although animation is not currently being broadcasted, manga will enter the new chapter soon, and the story will advance newly.



Last volume of "Dragon Ball Super" Power Competition

I have not seen dragon ball in manga, but I have seen all the animation. The most impressive scene is Son Goku's scene which turns into a super saya for the first time in the battle with Freeza. When I looked at animation, my power was perfect and goose bumps stood.


Dissatisfied with Dragon Ball

However, there is a little dissatisfaction about the recently broadcasted Dragon Ball Super. Although the first depiction was devastating being improved, handling of Son Gohan and Freeza is too complicated. Freeza is made to be bogoboko to Son Gohan and Toppo which become metamorphosed to Freeza and become unrelenting figure. I want you to return the impression of that time I saw with animation.


Super Saiyan who showed that when Absolute Emperor 's feeling of Freeza or Son Gohan was caught up to the point when it fought with the cell 2. It was shining very much. The scene was taken up even in manga. There is also dissatisfaction with vegeta.



A man named the Prince of Sayyan Vegeta

I fell in love with the sight of fighting with Son Goku with the power that is suitable for the Prince Saya in battle of Son Gohan and Vegeta. What is going on with Dragon Ball Ultra, I baked bingo dancing and Takoyaki. I was disappointedly bullying that "the Prince of Saya has not done what". A glittering vegita that I showed when I was fighting with GirEN.



It's cool, but I do not want to see the Saiyan's prince appearing in PreCure as if it were not strange. I think that the red hair Vegeta and the Majin Vegeta that appeared in cartoons and movies are the original vegeta and that it should be the Prince of Saya who should be originally.







『ドラゴンボール超 』力の大会の最終巻フル