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【漫画全巻ドットコム限定】 謎の彼女X (1-12巻 全巻) [ 植芝理一 先生 描き下ろし 全巻収納ボックス 付 ]



Mysterious girlfriend X Mysterious manga

The mysterious girlfriend X is a series of 3 serials serialized by Professor Riichi Ueshiba (serialized as animation), which was serialized in monthly afternoon.


Riichi Ueshiba Sensei is consistent from the debut cartoon "do people become Why love the people?" Although the comic has been painted works on the theme is only men and women of the relationship lost the there was occult elements to it It is a manga with a different color that has succeeded in giving a sense of mystery.


 What is the mysterious girlfriend X?

Born ties in this comic and TsubakiAkira that licked the drool of her that Urabe Mikoto of mystery, love by If you do not lick the drool born withdrawal symptoms, why become in such a state, it is that fell in love with Urabe Mikoto in the disease, it has further become a cartoon of the best settings to draw the adolescent couple is among those ties were born of drool has become a setting that can be read the feelings and pain from drooling.



Readers should continue reading in a state where the grinning reminded say downright not his adolescence in this set by a lovey-dovey weave of the adolescence of two people has succeeded in drawing the subtleties of mind of a couple deployment.



Eyes show while brings her a sense of mystery, even the occasional visual of the heroine of Urabe Mikoto are no longer visible expression in the bangs says the state is a fishing day, has become a superb design that those who are seen to involuntarily unnerving, Even from this one glimpse the magnificence of Mr. Riichi Ueshiba's delusion power. Riichi Ueshiba anime was teacher of the manga and the original has become a manga and anime that took a delusion force of genius, "Mysterious Girlfriend X" Among them I think has become the preeminent comics.