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東京喰種 トーキョーグール


What is Tokyo Ghoul?

Following the first 12 episodes, Tokyo Ghoul, which was animated from cartoons, delivers 12 episodes of 12 episodes with Anime Tokyo Girl √ A, then 12 episodes of Anime Tokyo Gowr: re now the second term. It is a manga set in parallel in Paris, originally drawn as a human being and his human being that is identical in appearance, melting into the same society, "GOUR", here a creature that eats people, a monster.


A brief explanation of Tokyo Goole

The main character of Tokyo Goole was a human being, but by transplanting the gut 's internal organs with an accident, it will be impossible to walk a life as a half girl. Even though my head and mind are human beings, human foods are attacked by sensations as if they are eating rotten foods as well as favorite foods for humans on hungry and can not be eaten.


And what you want is what you want, human flesh ...... In the Tokyo girl, the hero self-disgusts himself, how to live how to live, find your answer by asking yourself a fantasy horror It will be cartoon, animation of genre such as.



The hero who finds a girl member and finds his place

The hero is not powerful at first, he has a disgusting feeling only for Gourl. So, I even hate myself. Meanwhile, the coffee shop that I used all the time was a gourmet and a place to run. Gouru can cook deliciously for coffee. Encounter with my friends here will change the main character.



Gouru also eats human beings as a means of living, not only having to eat, he was not only those who repeatedly slaughtered likingly. Here, as much as possible, I was aiming for coexistence so as not to kill people as much as possible by grabbing food from suicide and as possible as possible. However, there were some organizations in the human organization that did not know the existence of such a ghoul and destroyed the goal as evil.



Tokyo Ghoul is interesting in manga, animation, movies and their respective developments

There are places where expansion is different in cartoon and animation, each can be enjoyed. You can enjoy visual beauty with animation. Opening and ending are also nice! It is a work depicting what kind of growth the hero wishes to become strong for someone! It is not just an ego manga! What?





漫画からアニメ化されたトウキョウグールは、最初の12話に続き、アニメ トウキョウグール√Aで12話、そして次にアニメ トウキョウグール:reで12話現在は2期の12話を配信している。パラレルの東京を舞台にした漫画で、人間とその人間に見た目は同じで同じ社会の中に溶け込んでいる存在、『グール』、ここでは人を食べる生き物、怪物として当初は描かれます。















漫画やアニメの中でそれぞれ展開が異なるところもあり、それぞれで楽しめます。アニメでは映像美も楽しめます。 オープニングやエンディングもいいですよ!誰かのために強くなりたいと願う主人公がどのような成長をとげるのかを描かれた作品です!ただのエグい漫画ではありません!?